All the tools you need to run your abstracts submission in one easy package.  Collect, review and make decisions on abstracts.  Manage the entire process online.  Create abstract books and email the participants.

Online submission

  • A secure online submission form linked to your conference website
  • Authors register and create a password protected account
  • Flexible submission forms allow you to control what the authors can submit – from text only abstracts or more complicated documents with images and tables.  Collect as much detail from the authors as you need
  • Unlimited number of abstracts per conference
  • Authors can amend their submission at any time before abstract submission closes
  • Automatic and bulk emails to streamline communication with authors.  All emails can be BCC’d to the conference administrator
  • Upload supporting documents in any file format e.g. PDF, PowerPoint

Reviewing and Committee functions

  • Assign abstracts and papers to reviewers based on multiple factors including categories
  • Flexible reviewing forms to collect the information you need from the reviewers
  • Reviewers can indicate a conflict of interest
  • Reviewers can grade and make comments online
  • Works equally well on PC, Mac or tablet
  • Committee can view all abstracts and grades online


  • Automatic creation of a range of abstract books
    • Accepted abstracts sorted by program code
    • Accepted abstracts sorted by presentation type
    • All abstracts sorted by serial number
    • All abstracts sorted by serial number + grouped by final category
    • Accepted abstracts grouped by final category
    • Accepted abstracts grouped by presentation type
    • All abstracts grouped by average grade
  • You can control what information is included in the abstract book
  • Download all the submitted data as a spreadsheet for analysis or distribution to other users
  • Indexes for the abstract book
    • Authors report
    • Authors + affiliations report
    • Presenters Report
    • Presenters + affiliations report


  • You have complete control over all aspects of the process
  • Add and remove administrators, reviewers and committee members
  • Open and close submission and reviewing
  • Update conference settings
  • Add, edit and delete questions on the submission form
  • View and edit all submissions and reviews
  • Download all submissions and reviews as spreadsheets
  • Customisable downloads of abstracts in Word format
  • Customisable bulk emails to communicate with authors, reviewers and committee members
  • Mark submissions as accepted, rejected or withdrawn and record additional information such as presentation type and notes